3player VR Multiplay Shooting

3player VR Multiplay Shooting

Power parameters:Power 1.2KW Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size:Outer diameter Φ340cm
Inner diameter Φ200cm H250cm
Number of players:3
Number of games: e
VR headsetDPVR e4

3player VR Multiplay Shooting Features

Advanced appearance

The first wear-free

integrated design

Real presence

Glass HD screen

Record query

The scene feels more real

Multiple payments

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why choose our machine

  • Advanced appearance and fashionable design, like the rocket technology of vertical take-off and landing

  • The first wear-free VR experience, with higher square footage efficiency and lower operating costs

  • Integrated design of VR helmet and gun, more realistic sense of presence

  • 32-inch tempered glass high-definition screen and humanized broadcast control interface design reduce the burden on on-site operators

  • Supports WeChat payment, coins and other fashionable payment methods, and some games support mid-stream renewal

  • Supports background playback record query and functional testing options
    Note: Before leaving the factory, you can choose to change the location to use the future version of Magic Interactive to improve product repurchase rate and customer stickiness.

  • Online battle games allow players to compete to enhance the atmosphere and revenue of a single game

VR Games

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Computer configuration or remarks

CPU: Intel i5 10400F, motherboard: H510M DDR4, memory: Samsung DDR4 8GB, hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB, graphics card: GTX1650 4GB, power supply: Great Wall 600W power supply

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