9D VR 2 Seats Chair

9D VR 2 Seats Chair

Power parameters:Power 2.0KW Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size:L260 * W210 * H233cm
Number of players:2
Number of games: 130+
VR headsetDPVR E3C

9D VR 2 Seats Chair Features

High cost performance

new look

Synchronous display

Latest system

Three-axis platform

3D surround

Leather seats

Multiple payments

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why choose our machine

  •  The 2-person plan is the most cost-effective dynamic VR theater on the market.

  • Brand new time travel appearance, the rotating turbine design on both sides is very dynamic and eye-catching.

  • The top 32-inch LCD screen displays content simultaneously, which is the first choice for venue drainage

  • Built-in Longcheng VR’s latest customized game content to experience an exclusively created immersive experience

  • The latest upgraded management and operating system, one-click play and pause, star recommendation sorting, clear at a glance

  • Mature three-axis electric cylinder dynamic platform solution, dynamic and durable

  • Cinema-level stereo surround sound effects, combined with exclusive tuning special effects, bring a stimulating experience

  • Humanized designed leather seats, equipped with buckle safety belts, safe, durable and easy to clean

  • The slap-type interactive button can make a hitting sound compared to traditional small buttons, which is more attractive to the surrounding audience.

  • Supports popular payment interfaces such as coin input, credit card payment, and WeChat payment
  • Humanized background management, supporting background playback, recording, browsing, auditing and platform function testing

VR Games

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Computer configuration or remarks

CPU: Intel i5 10400F, motherboard: H510M DDR4, memory: Samsung DDR4 8GB, hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB, graphics card: GTX1650 4GB, power supply: Great Wall 600W power supply

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