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VART cinema

VART cinema

Power parameters:Power 90W-300W  Voltage 220V/50Hz
L120 * W120【Sitting】
Number of players:1
Number of games: See content list
VR headsetpico all-in-one machine/Skyworth V901

VART cinema Features

Appearance design

High utilization rate

Hollow backrest

Rich variety

Easy to manage

Easy to maintain

Easy to reflow


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why choose our machine

  • Brand new appearance design, more futuristic than the classic style, the first choice for digital displays in science and technology museums, museums, auto shows, etc.

  • High space utilization, less than one square meter of floor space

  •  The hollow backrest design on the back of the neck allows users to twist their heads more freely and experience panoramic content without any pressure or obstruction.

  • Various types of movie-watching experiences, and a larger sound cavity experience, making the experiencer more immersive

  • Easy management: independently developed centralized central control management system, supports multi-machine playback and pause operations

  • Easy maintenance: integrated helmet safety and anti-theft

  • Easy to return: 4K high-quality content attracts repeat customers

  • Customizable: Cultural tourism content can be customized

VR Games

Part of the exhibition pictures

Computer configuration or remarks

Console version computer configuration: CPU: Intel i5 10400F, motherboard: H510M DDR4, memory: Samsung DDR4 8GB, hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB, graphics card: Intel Core Display, power supply: Great Wall 500W power supply, chassis: Longcheng customized model

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