VR Standing Platform

VR Standing Platform

Power parameters:Power 2.0kW Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size:L315 * W230 * H265cm
Number of players:2
Number of games: 80+
VR headsetHTC cosmos / pico neo3

VR Standing Platform Features

battleship appearance

Modular design

Anti-winding mechanism


3D surround

on demand panel

One-click interface

Multiple payments

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why choose our machine

  • The appearance of a space-time battleship and dynamic turbine lights attract surrounding consumers

  • Modular design, easy to install and disassemble

  • The movable anti-tangle mechanism on the top of the head allows the experience process to be free from cable interference

  • Supports two people playing the game at the same time, and the helmet screen is output to the screen simultaneously

  • Three-dimensional surround sound effect, bringing you an immersive feeling

  • Supports payment interfaces such as coin input, credit card payment, and WeChat payment

  • Five-button on-demand panel, within easy reach, simple to operate and easy to manage

  • One-click interface operation, easy for players and waiters to get started

VR Games

Part of the exhibition pictures

Computer configuration or remarks

CPU: Intel i5 10400F, motherboard: H510M DDR4, memory: Samsung DDR4 8GB, hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB, graphics card: GTX1650 4GB, power supply: Great Wall 600W power supply

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