VR UFO 5 Seats

VR UFO 5 Seats

Power parameters:Power 4.6KW Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size:L3567 * W4730 * H2009mm
Number of players:5
Number of games: 50+
VR headset:DPVR E3C

VR UFO 5 Seats Features

UFO shape

Substantial dynamic

perspective impact

Built with a lot of money

Stereo sound

Various special effects

Multiplayer experience

Multiple payments

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why choose our machine

  • The unique flying saucer shape in the industry, combined with sci-fi environmental art, has a more themed feel and a first-class traffic drainage effect

  • Large pitch angle dynamic, combined with 360 cockpit rotating platform, the experience is more novel and shocking

  • Dynamic lights and dynamic twin-turbo peripherals make the viewing angle more shocking and eye-catching

  • Spending a lot of money to create exclusive special edition games, active dynamic output, allowing the experience to have a higher repurchase rate

  • The rear large screen synchronizes game content, shocking stereo sound effects, and a better business atmosphere

  • Surrounded by science fiction style, the C position is the first choice for multiple warp points, safer operation and more atmosphere.

  • Various special effects such as vibration, blowing, and leg sweeping make the experience more exciting

  • High throughput, 5 people can experience at the same time, revenue is faster and more efficient

  • Detailed account inquiry function makes operation easier.

  • Supports WeChat, credit card and other payment methods, and supports access to the entire venue management membership system.

VR Games

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Computer configuration or remarks

CPU: Intel i5 10400F, motherboard: H510M DDR4, memory: Samsung DDR4 8GB, hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB, graphics card: GTX1650 4GB, power supply: Great Wall 600W power supply

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